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Used laptops in Bangalore Vs other cities

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Used laptops in Bangalore are quite easily available. Being the IT hub of the country, Bangalore is home to maximum number of IT companies and other related organizations. Needless to say, these organizations house a significantly greater number of computers than physical employees. However, what happens when these computers get old, sometimes only a few years? IT offices today have to remain one step ahead of the rest of the sectors in terms of computer technology, and such a requirement demands them to discard and do away with their old computers almost every two years. These computers are then recycled and sold off as second hand products which find much use in lower middle class homes as well as small and medium sized businesses.

In comparison, other cities in India, even the metropolitan ones have little to offer in terms of recycled or used laptops. Under the Karnataka state government, there have been tremendous developments in the management of e-waste and sale of used laptops in Bangalore. The Indian government as well as the state government of Karnataka jointly passed a legislation that protects the environment from the increasing pressures of e-waste through its effective disposal and management. This legislation was passed under the Environment Protection Act of 1986.

In 2001, a new initiative was taken by the state government yet again and a separate act was passed – E-waste Management and Handling Act. While other cities have mostly neglected this environmental problem arising from technology and blindly basked in the glory of technological progress, the state of Karnataka has shown great awareness of future complications and legalized the usage of recycled goods despite corporate pressure from major software and hardware IT companies. The primary objective behind these two policies was to create a suitable structure for the assortment and reprocessing of rejected electronic appliances and to reduce the volume of toxic materials. This also boosted the sale of used laptops in Bangalore.

This regulation was imposed by the Pollution Control Board of the state of Karnataka (KSPCB). KSPCB has labeled e-waste as hazardous waste as they are equally dangerous to the ecological balance of any society. This is also because when treated with safety measures, these waste substances will no longer pose any threat to the atmosphere or the general public. In comparison to hazardous waste material, general waste is not regulated by strict rules for management and disposal. Thus, e-waste deserves more close attention than general waste which is not as toxic in nature. In this respect the contribution of the Karnataka government to the management of e-waste and its effective recycling is immense and unparalleled. No other state in India has exhibited the exemplary initiatives taken by Karnataka in the promotion of used laptops in Bangalore.

If you are living in Bangalore, consider yourself lucky. While you will find used computers and other related hardware in almost any part of the country, you can never put your money on them as faithfully. Bangalore has truly done justice to its status and reputation as the IT hub of India and there is no doubt that it is light years ahead of any other city when it comes to a systematic processing of e-waste. Used laptops in Bangalore are therefore an extremely cost-effective solution for many buyers as well as an environmental solution for all citizens.

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