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Technology and its adaptive changes towards society

Posted by admin in Uncategorized On June 27, 2015

There was something very serene in watching dolphins . The cetacean species are not only really beautiful , but are said to be one of the most intelligent mammals out there . So why not take a page from their books and adapt to something brilliant , just like them ? No , we aren’t going to swim like them even though we all wish for that . But something smart ….

Thankfully for us , innovators have already realized how smart our fellow mammalian friends are . They have compared the dolphin social network , to power grids . These creatures streamline or intensify communication in case of an unusual situation . A similar technique is done by our innovators .

However this is one of the many techniques involved in smart grids . Major programmed like IntelliGrid and Grid 2030 are already doing a great  job in innovation . But now , India should also start developing smart grids . And good governance along with some smart steps should be taken . A smart grid is modernized  electrical grid that uses analog or digital information and communication technology to gather and act on information.Electrification of households with power available for at least 8 hours  per day is one of the points that smart grids will fulfill .

So who knows …? My dolphin watch might not have equated to us swimming without scuba suits  , but we probably might have better and more sustainable life because of our smart fellow mammals .


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