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Smart Banking

Posted by admin in Uncategorized On July 19, 2015

mobile is everything. Combining real-world insights with online data, location- or context-based services have the potential to offer customers an experience so much richer than simple location-based apps.

Clients needed to physically show up at their bank to conduct any business. Today, many hold their banks in the palm of their hand with technology radically altering the way consumers take care of their financial needs and the way bankers conduct business. The digital revolution has redefined the world for those on both sides of what used be the teller’s window.

Mobile technologies have already begun rewriting the retail banking rule book. But we’ve only seen
the start of this process. Windows 8 Home Banking, when used on a Windows 8 tablet or phone, provides an instant dashboard view of a customer’s accounts, allowing them to securely deposit or transfer funds and make payments. Those banks seeking to differentiate themselves can also harness the power of Windows 8 to create innovative
mobile apps to attract and retain customers.

Smart Banking means a more intelligent approach to customer service. Take the Virtual Greeter for example: a service that gives customers access to multiple products from an in-branch kiosk or from a mobile device. The Virtual Greeter can arrange a meeting with a financial advisor, deliver tailored financial solutions or locate the nearest bank branch to enhance and enrich the customer experience.
According to the Forrester Report , From 2008 to 2012, global
smartphone sales exploded from
approximately 140 million to
more than 660 million.

How do bank branches survive in an age defined by online and mobile banking? They become more location- or context-aware. Imagine a future where the customer is automatically served property information by a bank that’s able to harness all of its customer intelligence and deliver contextually appropriate advice and options direct to a mobile device or ATM. That future is closer than you think.

Moving in-branch, services such as Front Office & Advisor Desktop allow bank employees to search
for customer details, add reminders, and prepare for meetings with the most up-to-date information, all
on any device, at any location. The SideBar app for Windows 8 helps to accelerate this process, giving bank employees access to a wealth of advice and guidance, which enables them to instantly cross-
sell services as well as provide useful resources to enhance the customer experience.

The path forward is not simply a choice between either bricks and mortar or digital but embracing a hybrid strategy that fully leverages the power of technology both internally and externally and recognizes that banks no longer dictate the rules of engagement — the client is now a full partner. Smart banks are focused on a “client first” mission, utilizing branches as hubs for client meetings to get together and jointly address needs. They are integrating technology into every aspect of their business to build client satisfaction, drive operational efficiency and create new business opportunities.

Finally, features such as Windows 8 Sales Assistant & Social Computing help to enable supercharged collaboration and internal communication, both of which help to increase productivity, reduce internal emails, improve customer experience and ultimately drive sales.

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