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Second Hand Laptops – How To Buy it?

Posted by admin in Second Hand Laptops On June 13, 2014

second hand laptopsSecond Hand Laptops have become inevitability, for quite a number of sensible reasons. Every household wants to own a laptop because of the number of users and uses it has. Second hand laptops are growing in demand because of two reasons- firstly, a number of households want to own a laptop but are not financially well to do and secondly, they are cheaper and have features. Because of these reasons, people are in a frenzy to get rid of their old computer and sell it to some buyer willing to buy second hand laptops.

However, there are some things which should be taken care of while buying a second hand laptop. These checks should be made to ensure that you are getting the right system and at the right price. The main things to check before buying a second hand computer have been described below.

Second Hand Laptops – Things to look out for:

The working of the computer

This is of utmost importance as the faulty working of the laptop is generally the main reason for people selling it off in the first place. So, a careful check should be made to check whether all the parts and the machine is working perfectly or not. It should be started and the boot time should be checked. All the drives like the CD/DVD drive should be checked for any errors in operation. All the USB ports, audio jacks and other ports should be checked properly to ensure their proper working. All the accessories, if any, should also be checked to see whether they are working or not. These checks would ensure that you are not duped by the seller who might otherwise get away by selling a non-functioning machine. While buying second hand laptops check if any warranty is  offered by the retailer

The condition of the laptop.

This is another important thing to be checked. The date of manufacture of the computer and all the main parts should be checked in the original bill. The condition of the individual parts should be checked and made sure that they are in proper condition. Any damage should be checked properly to ensure that it does not interfere with the normal working of the system. This should be done to ensure that the machine works properly after being bought and not much money needs to be spent on its’ maintenance.

The make and the brand

The brand of a company is a guarantee of its’ longevity and utility. You should try to buy a second hand laptops of a reputed brand only because it would ensure proper service, assured lasting and a high brand value. Computers of a good company last longer, have good quality parts and installations and are likely to run much longer as compared to their cheaper counterparts. So, when buying a second hand laptop, a good company name ensures that the probability of the machine malfunctioning is very less and unlikely.

The software and operating system

The softwares that are pre installed and the operating system of the machine should be checked and if they are very outdated or old, should be replaced immediately. Some machines do not support higher versions of the software. So, these machines are scrap anyway. There is no point in buying such machines. Hence, a careful check should be made of the working software of the machine. Check the things well while buying a second hand laptop.

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