Net Neutrality

So by now it’s quite clear to everyone around what is “net neutrality”, but for those who don’t know about it yet here it is. Net neutrality is nothing but in simple words, all contents on internet are equal and must be equal to everyone irrespective of anything. No matter what telecom operator you choose, … Continue reading "Net Neutrality"

Big Data Analytics Fights Insider Threats

Big Data Analytics Fights Insider Threats Cyberdefenders for years have adopted Fort Apache strategies to protect their networks. Strong perimeters could prevent attackers from reaching precious data, they reasoned. Root Cause of Threats One way network defenders have tried to foil inside attacks is through better access controls. They not only have improved authentication of … Continue reading "Big Data Analytics Fights Insider Threats"


Digitization is the representation of an object, image, sound, document or a signal by a discrete set of its points or samples. Digitizing means simply capturing an analogue signal in digital form. In the process of digitization the text, sound, or image voice are concentrated into a binary code. Digital information is stored as one … Continue reading "Digitization"

Net Neutrality in India (NNI)

Gone are the days of enjoying a good internet in affordable prices. Now, currently in India Internet is facing a big problem and the solution is Net Equality There are many rumours roaming around us about this burning issue and why not internet has become a necessity to survive in this global village for all … Continue reading "Net Neutrality in India (NNI)"


Net Neutrality: The battle to save Internet

It might be possible that most of us are not familiar with this term Net Neutrality and some of us may also wonder what is wrong if the Internet Service Providers (ISP) wants to offer a free service. But even if you do not use internet that much, it is important for you, and you … Continue reading "Net Neutrality: The battle to save Internet"

Glass vs The Watch

Google glass and its subsequent dissent With Apple’s smartwatch being at the epitome of the technical bulletin, the proclamation of its release fueled excitement across the globe. Although, the entire build up seemed all too familiar for those who had similarly reveled in the hype that was associative of Google glass. The very notion of … Continue reading "Glass vs The Watch"

The New-Age Era

Prevalent to the era we live in, it is not uncommon to witness people habitually examine themselves in a mirror. This mirror which is almost parasitic to our existence today is not one formulated from an amalgamation of aluminum and float glass. Neither is it the one featured in eminent fairy tales such as ‘Snow … Continue reading "The New-Age Era"

used computer buying guide

Used computer – A Definitive buying guide

Buying used computers can be confusing and quite an ordeal with the problem of plenty. This article will provide you with a definitive guide for picking the right computer for yourself. Used Computer – Buying Guide Memory Make sure that the memory modules are accessible in your second hand computer. They are usually placed under … Continue reading "Used computer – A Definitive buying guide"

computer education in India-for underprivileged

Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?

Computer education in India has turned out to be  accepted tremendously with the advancement in technological know-how . High computer penetration in the country is indeed one of the most remarkable changes, since the last few years. Urban areas and cities already have high computer penetration and with the increasing competition in the job markets and … Continue reading "Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?"

How to reduce carbon footprint-computing way

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint-The Computing Way!

Reducing the carbon footprints becomes absolutely essential for every responsible citizen. This will not only let you enjoy a greener and better environment, but will also buck up the lifespan of your PC. So, by simply managing the consumption of electricity you can now enjoy a greener and better world simply without any hassle.Lets understand … Continue reading "How to Reduce Carbon Footprint-The Computing Way!"