Digital India

Across the length and breadth of this country, India faces many challenges. But when tackled with innovation that leverages the power of technology, it can help create a transformed and digitally empowered India. We need you to challenge those challenges. In 2014, the Government of India unveiled a far-reaching, visionary blueprint of a Digital India, … Continue reading "Digital India"

computer education in India-for underprivileged

Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?

Computer education in India has turned out to be  accepted tremendously with the advancement in technological know-how . High computer penetration in the country is indeed one of the most remarkable changes, since the last few years. Urban areas and cities already have high computer penetration and with the increasing competition in the job markets and … Continue reading "Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?"

Computer Literacy in India

Computer Literacy In India: A Bumpy Start

Computer literacy in India is said to be the minimal and basic knowledge of computers that includes elementary skills of programming. Anyone who is comfortable with basic computer programs and other ground level computer functions can be called a computer literate. Computer Literacy: A report Of The Third World Nations The phrase ‘Computer literacy’ holds … Continue reading "Computer Literacy In India: A Bumpy Start"