Digital India

Across the length and breadth of this country, India faces many challenges. But when tackled with innovation that leverages the power of technology, it can help create a transformed and digitally empowered India. We need you to challenge those challenges. In 2014, the Government of India unveiled a far-reaching, visionary blueprint of a Digital India, … Continue reading "Digital India"

The New-Age Era

Prevalent to the era we live in, it is not uncommon to witness people habitually examine themselves in a mirror. This mirror which is almost parasitic to our existence today is not one formulated from an amalgamation of aluminum and float glass. Neither is it the one featured in eminent fairy tales such as ‘Snow … Continue reading "The New-Age Era"

second hand laptops good investment

Second Hand Laptops A Good Investment For Small Businesses.

Second hand laptops have for long been the first choice of many buyers who prefer affordability over originality. These buyers have a good sense of which second hand products are safe to buy, their depreciation in terms of both quality and price and why indeed it would be more cost-effective to buy second-hand goods than first-hand. … Continue reading "Second Hand Laptops A Good Investment For Small Businesses."