Digital India

Across the length and breadth of this country, India faces many challenges. But when tackled with innovation that leverages the power of technology, it can help create a transformed and digitally empowered India. We need you to challenge those challenges. In 2014, the Government of India unveiled a far-reaching, visionary blueprint of a Digital India, … Continue reading "Digital India"

used computers in bangalore

Refurbished Computers

People might mistake it as “used products or gadgets” but refurbished products are something entirely different. The word “refurbished” may conjure up not-so-reassuring images of retailers and manufacturers resurrecting defective products, lots of items fall under the “refurbished” umbrella. Sometimes a customer returns a product for a refund without even opening the box or using … Continue reading "Refurbished Computers"


Role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation.

Poverty has been a firm and importunate problem in India, all the way through the independence to decades after that.Role of NGO, especially in a country like India, is very crucial. In fact, according to current statistics, a huge chunk of the Indian population is still below the poverty level. Not to mention, the focus … Continue reading "Role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation."

one laptop per child

One Laptop Per Child

Being a leading provider of used laptops in Bangalore, we believe that every child in this country should have access to a laptop to support their learning. As an organization we facilitate NGO’s with our quality refurbished computers and used computers to support the great movement of One Laptop Per Child movement. So in today’s … Continue reading "One Laptop Per Child"

Computer Literacy in India

Computer Literacy In India: A Bumpy Start

Computer literacy in India is said to be the minimal and basic knowledge of computers that includes elementary skills of programming. Anyone who is comfortable with basic computer programs and other ground level computer functions can be called a computer literate. Computer Literacy: A report Of The Third World Nations The phrase ‘Computer literacy’ holds … Continue reading "Computer Literacy In India: A Bumpy Start"

Hole in the Wall Experiment India

Hole In The Wall Experiment India: Taking India to New Heights

Cyberspace, according to Sociologists, had become a space completely occupied by the elitist group of the society. In this age of science and technology, the basic knowledge of computers and computing systems is what measures literacy. The nation, the half of whose population was illiterate, can never achieve development in its true sense if the … Continue reading "Hole In The Wall Experiment India: Taking India to New Heights"


How Budget Computers are Transforming Education in India?

Computers have transformed every aspect of our lived reality. There’s not one sector or industry today that is not reaping the benefits of the integration of computers into their basic functions and systems of operation. What shall be of concern in this article, however, is how budget computers are transforming education in India. Far from … Continue reading "How Budget Computers are Transforming Education in India?"