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Bring About the Change!

Posted by admin in Uncategorized On June 29, 2015

You don’t necessarily need to be a card-carrying member of Greenpeace to reap the benefits of an eco-friendly car. Though only 29 percent of car shoppers cited environmental friendliness as their primary reason for choosing a particular make and model in a recent survey on powertrains conducted by Morpace, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Mich., a resounding 62 percent of those queried said choosing the most fuel-efficient model was their top shopping consideration.
India is yet to take to electric/ hybrid cars, probably because they are considered to be not only expensive to buy, but also maintain. And when it comes to alternate fuels, we have relied more on LPG and CNG instead of electric energy. However, that hasn’t dampened the car manufacturers’ hopes in India, as they have anyway gone ahead and introduced vehicles which are clean and green.
One such manufacturer is one of the most reliable ( and oldest) car companies in the country … Maruthi Suzuki . The Eco Charge is looking at a prize range of 3 lakh and upwards , which isn’t that bad for a car that not going to harm the environment too much . Maruti is aiming for better mileage and lower carbon emission  . Toyota isn’t far behind either . India was first introduced to hybrids when the Prius was launched in 2012 . But as green as Prius  may sound it comes with a hefty price tag of 38 lakh and onwards range . A very good in between the Toyota and the Maruti is  the Mahindra e2o  which is an electric car priced at 4.7 lakh and upwards. It has a lithium ion battery which when fully charged can cover up to 120 km .
Now , young Indian entrepreneurs and engineers are working together to establish a cheap Eco friendly car that’ll be sustainable and cause a smaller dent in the carbon footprint. An excellent example of this is our very own solar mobil project , which is to develop a solar powered car . This is just one of the many projects launched by various automobile companies and educational institutions to tap into the innovative thinking that Indians are known for
It’s a long road ahead but , judging by anything we do , we’ll become successful ,when we put our minds to it .

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