Bring About the Change!

You don’t necessarily need to be a card-carrying member of Greenpeace to reap the benefits of an eco-friendly car. Though only 29 percent of car shoppers cited environmental friendliness as their primary reason for choosing a particular make and model in a recent survey on powertrains conducted by Morpace, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Mich., a … Continue reading "Bring About the Change!"

Technology and its adaptive changes towards society

There was something very serene in watching dolphins . The cetacean species are not only really beautiful , but are said to be one of the most intelligent mammals out there . So why not take a page from their books and adapt to something brilliant , just like them ? No , we aren’t … Continue reading "Technology and its adaptive changes towards society"

An insiders note on the world of mobile applications!

“Sanj …. Which dress looks nice? It’s on sale and it’s like 70% off !” , my best friend and roommate asked . To be honest , until then I had never really shopped online . I mean , I lived in a place which had the biggest malls in the world. I never had … Continue reading "An insiders note on the world of mobile applications!"

The need of using refurbished products

My personal experiences living in India were not something I cherished . The crowded streets , the complete havoc and disorganization …. It made me , a bit queasys and claustrophobic to be honest . But in a way I started to understand the dynamics of a city . As India’s  population continues to grow … Continue reading "The need of using refurbished products"