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Used Computers – How NGOs benefit from it?

Posted by admin in Computers for NGO's On June 4, 2014

Used computersThroughout the last few years, used computers have played an extremely vital role for the NGOs across the world. These computers are not only handy, but are also extremely purposeful for propagating the various socio-economic programs. With these computers NGO’s now have the facility and the opportunity to integrate a huge chunk of technology to their basic operational and management programs.

In fact, nowadays, a large number of NGO’s use these used computers to carry out their operations easily, without much hassle. As an addendum, these NGO’s are also provided with low cost internet facility which helps them connect to the rest of the globe, and grasp an insight about the popular economic programs happening across the world. These used computers have also fostered computer education among the marginalized individuals. All in all, NGO’s have thoroughly benefitted in administrative and social reforms with these extremely purposeful low cost used computers.

Why are used computers purposeful for NGOs?

  • Interacting with likeminded organizations are easier with the NGOs.
  • Promoting computer literacy in schools is made simpler.
  • Computers help the NGOs to grasp an insight about the various social programs taking place globally. They can thus implement these programs in the grass root level.
  • Training sessions are tad easier with these low cost computers.

Easy communication

The used computers have ensured easy communication for many NGO’s across the globe. In fact, now, with these computers NGO’s can reach out to many such social organizations across the globe and grasp an insight about their social reform programs. Similar social reform programs can be implemented by them in India. Communication becomes tad easier with low cost computers. And, with proper communication with other social organization across the globe, the NGOs get an enhanced and better organisational skill.

Fosters computer literacy

Used computers have also helped the NGOs to foster computer education among the marginalized individuals of the society.  In fact, in the current age having a proper insight about computer is absolutely essential to secure a good job in the long run. Thus, with these low cost used computers NGOs can propagate computer literacy at all basic levels of the society. The marginalized youth get to operate the computers and so their scopes of getting jobs are pretty high. These computers are also very essential for the training mobilization programs.

Fund raising solution

Low cost used computers also play a significant role in raising funds. In fact, there are many such organizations across the globe which is willing to give funds for the needy and marginalized sections of the society. With used computers, the NGO’s get to interact better with these organizations and also raise funds with a few clicks. So, raising funds from likeminded organizations across the globe is now simplified with these viable and extremely handy low cost used computers.

Improved reporting and documentation

NGOs can also avail better reporting and documentation solutions with used computers. In fact, the entre long draw procedure of reporting can be simplified with a few clicks. Apart from this, documenting the reports is also pretty easier with these viable computers.

Data storage

Improved data storage is another viable solution which these NGOs can avail. In fact, now with these computers the social organizations can easily store their data and use it as and when they require.

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