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Second Hand Laptops A Good Investment For Small Businesses.

Posted by admin in Computers for businesses On May 31, 2014

second hand laptops good investmentSecond hand laptops have for long been the first choice of many buyers who prefer affordability over originality. These buyers have a good sense of which second hand products are safe to buy, their depreciation in terms of both quality and price and why indeed it would be more cost-effective to buy second-hand goods than first-hand. In case of computers and other electronic goods, however, widespread second-hand procurement has been a rather recent phenomenon.

This has been made possible by the increasing frequency with which technological advances are being made. New models of computers are coming out each month ensuring more sales. What then happens to the old computers? Often merely a few months old, they are not ancient enough to be housed in museums. In fact, these second hand laptops enjoy a ready market in organizations looking for computers in bulk, especially small businesses.

Second hand laptops – Why invest in them?

Price for second hand laptops

Small businesses always work with a low capital. Unless the business owner manages to get heavy discounts on first-hand computers, there is no way a small, budding enterprise can afford to spend heavily on computers. Used computers and other related accessories can be found both online as well as physical market places. Their prices can be negotiated and a deal can be reached at immediately by both parties.

Quality Assessment for second hand laptops

Second-hand and substandard are not necessarily synonymous. Just as it is possible to buy a malfunctioning first-hand electronic product, it is not uncommon to find second-hand goods that don’t function as per expectations. However, you can always check second-hand computers before buying them. Be as thorough as possible in your assessment and you’ll be rewarded with great quality at unbeatable prices.

Warranty for second hand laptops

Computers, like most electronic goods, offer long warranty periods. Often buyers extend the warranty of their personal computers by a good two-three years. When they plan to sell off their computers, they are also providing the small business owner the added benefit of buying a fully-function computer within its period of warranty. What was earlier unprecedented in case of second-hand goods is one of the main factors behind the second-hand sales boom in computer systems.

Prompt Earnings with second hand laptops

Computers ensure one thing – productivity. If a small business is more dependent on computers than its human resources (like many small IT companies), buying second hand laptops in bulk will always prove to be a smart move. Not only will the business owner save thousands, he will also be able to bring in fresh capital from the initial earnings and thus expand his business. Generating instant profits is absolutely vital for small and medium sized businesses to sustain themselves in such a competitive market. Second-hand computers can be availed at extremely low costs which further increases the margin of profit.

Resale Value of second hand laptops

Computers do not lose their resale value – whether it is second-hand or third-hand. If at some point you need to wind up your small business, you will still be able to sell off your entire set of computers that were bought second-hand. There will always be takers for fully functional computers and no business owner likes to lose out on massive discounts on useful electronic products. The value of a second-hand PC will depreciate even further but its resale quality will not diminish.

A business owner need not even compromise on quality anymore. These above advantages truly make second hand laptops a great budget solution for small businesses.

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