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Role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation.

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Poverty has been a firm and importunate problem in India, all the way through the independence to decades after that.Role of NGO, especially in a country like India, is very crucial. In fact, according to current statistics, a huge chunk of the Indian population is still below the poverty level. Not to mention, the focus of elections and all other political agendas have been around the concern. Various government subsidies and poverty amelioration mechanisms have been incorporated in the country. However, most of them failed to offer a commendable result.

Throughout the last few decades, role of NGO’s is extremely significant in poverty amelioration mechanism. They have brought about some of the best employment opportunities, livelihood programs, self help groups and also empowerment programs. Many families both in rural and urban areas have enjoyed some of the most viable and consistent benefits from these NGO’s.

Role of NGO in poverty alleviation

  • NGO’s play a significant role in offering relief and other basic amenities to individuals who are suffering from extreme poverty.
  • These non-governmental organizations have initiated some empowerment programs. These programs empower both men and women, thereby offering some commendable benefits in their lifestyle.
  • NGO’s have brought about some viable and effective, skill based livelihood programs.
  • Various public services are provided by the NGO’s both at Macro and Micro levels.
  • NGO’s have also implemented some viable development programs which are extremely handy for the poverty stricken individuals.

Apart from this, various other strategies are incorporated by the NGO’s to reduce poverty. Among these, social development is one such program which has played a vital role in the alleviation of poverty. However, development programs can only be sought at the macro level. For the micro level, these organizations have promoted the growth of self help groups, small scale industries and several micro finance units which provide various employment scopes to the poor.

Providing resources to the poor

In India even though the poor wish to step ahead of their poverty, yet, they cannot do so due to the lack of resources. These nongovernmental organizations have realized the root of the problem and so, they provide ample resources to the ones in need. These resources offer proper help in combating poverty. These organizations also help these individuals to ensure proper utilization of these resources. Currently, many poverty stricken families have thoroughly benefitted from the resources provided by the NGO’s.

NGO’s offer socio-economic services

Apart from several developmental approaches, these NGO’s also offer proper public and socio-economical services to the poor. This is all the more viable countries like India where most of the poor do not have proper access to the various public services. In fact, these organizations offer the direct provision of various social and economic services which offer a complete development to the individuals suffering from poverty.

Helping to achieve the developmental goals

Throughout the last few years, the NGO’s have played a vital role in helping the poor reach out to their various developmental goals. They have also implemented some popular developmental programs which have eventually improved the standard of living of the poor. Besides that, the various employment opportunities brought about by these NGO’s are also extremely handy. The employment and empowerment programs have helped many individuals secure jobs based on their skill and expertise. As an addendum, these NGO’s have also brought about proper training based skill development programs which in turn have improved the skill base of the poor. These programs also play a significant role in helping the marginalized-individuals secure proper jobs. NGO’s also play a crucial role in improving computer penetration and computer education among the less privileged in the country.  Renewit being a leading computer distributor in the country with a  mission to make computers affordable to everyone, we work closely with different NGO’s by providing used laptops and refurbished computers at lesser cost.

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