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Refurbished Laptops And Second Hand Laptops.

Posted by admin in Refurbished Laptops On June 16, 2014

Refurbished Laptops-Vs-Second-Hand Laptops

Refurbished laptops are extensively being accepted in India and gaining momentum among multiple groups. This is probably due to the reasonably priced rates, easy accessibility and long term warranty of these laptops. Now, many may wonder whether refurbished and used laptops are same. Well, they definitely aren’t and both these terms have some huge differences.

A refurbished laptop is re manufactured by the company due to some manufacturing glitch. However, the used or second hand laptops does not involve the laptop manufacturing company and it is simply used by an individual who is putting for sale. Following are the key differences between refurbished and second hand laptops. Read along, for a better grasp on these differences.

Refurbished Laptops – Advantages


Authenticity is the forte of refurbished laptops. Unlike the used laptops, these refurbished products have been re-manufactured from the unit from the laptop company. So, they are likely to offer you a better and way more authentic performance on the go.


Warranty is probably the most remarkable feature of these re-manufactured laptops. These laptops come with a warranty from the manufacturer itself. So, while using it you can always get it fixed if some issue crops up. However, most of the used laptops do not come with a warranty. So, if any technical or manufacturing issue crops up you may have to pay a loathsome sum for it.

Physical condition of refurbished laptops

This is another commendable feature of the re-manufactured laptops. Here, these laptops are given a proper and perfect appearance from the manufacturing units. They are scratch free, glitch fee and are absolutely brand new. However, the used laptops may not have a proper and apt physical condition as the refurbished ones

Factory settings and testing

These re-manufactured laptops come with the latest and brand new factory settings. So, while using it you will experience no hassle while restoring or changing the settings. Besides that, each of the re-manufactured laptops passes some stringent tests from the manufacturing unit. So, you can avail unfaltering services from these products. Now, the used laptops do not have this facility of brand new factory settings. Moreover, it is already used by someone else and so there is no guarantee the physical or internal condition of the product.

Proper support and maintenance offered

The computer manufacturing units will offer complete support for the re-manufactured laptops. They will address your issues as and when you require. Besides that, you will also be provided with the best maintenance solutions from these companies. Now, the used laptops do not have a similar facility. There is no additional facility for maintenance or support for these laptops. So, if turns out to be dysfunctional you have to bear the expenses of getting it fixed.

So, all in all, refurbished laptops are indeed worth your money than second hand laptops. With their commendable benefits they outshine the used laptops in all regards. So, choose these products for some easy benefits in affordable rates.

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