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Refurbished Computers – DIY Guide?

Posted by admin in Refurbished Computers On June 10, 2014

Refurbished computersRefurbished computers are older used computer components that have undergone a evaluation and quality check which will make them fully functional. Do you have a computer which does not work and just sits as a showpiece in your room? Are you annoyed of having a computer but not being able to use it as it does not work? Well, if you are having these problems, you have two options. Either show a technician and get rid of the computer or revamp it yourself and make it work smoothly. For the first option, it is simple and effective if you have a new machine to work on. However, if it is your only computer, then the second option is better i.e. to get up and make it work yourself, without sitting around and getting annoyed.

A computer requires handling by a professional for obvious reasons. However, many times a computer does not work because of simple reasons which can be handled easily, without any external help. Few ways by which you can refurbish computers by yourself, are mentioned below.

Refurbish Computers using simple but effective techniques.

Have a good look at it

This is the simplest yet an efficient way to refurbish computer. Look at the entire system and check whether it is damaged from anywhere or any electric wires are coming out. This is necessary especially for old systems which might have been mishandled and might have got some damage or scratches. These areas should be identified and then checked personally or by a technician. These might be the cause of the non-functioning of the computer.

Dust and wipe the individual parts

Dust is a very common problem for used computers and second hand laptops. Sometimes, the accumulation of dust in vital parts like between the keyboard alphabets, on the monitor, inside the CPU from the holes or in the sockets where wires are fitted, wreaks havoc on the system. The dust acts as a barrier between the wires and the socket and hence the current might not be able to reach the desired points. This can cause the computer to not function at all. So a careful check should be made and all the dust should be wiped off from the sockets, fan and other important areas. Removing dust from your used laptops vents will helps the cooling fans to perform their job well and make it a refurbished computer.

Open the system with care

If the upper two steps don’t work, the system should be opened carefully and by following proper procedures. It is easy and does not take much time. The inner configuration of the computer should be carefully inspected. The dust should be cleaned. If there are any stray wires or some wires are out of their sockets, they should be cleaned and put into place. Some ports might be out of place. If possible, they should be shifted back into place. These simple things can make a lot of difference and some vital wires, if put into position, might start the computer.

Plug in and change boot settings

The computer, after all cleaning has been done, should be plugged in and started. Initially, the boot settings should be checked and restored to default. Proper software should be installed and any unwanted software which is occupying the memory should be deleted. This will ensure that the computer works with the basic software and functions properly.

These steps will make your old underperformed computer a refurbished computer and make it perform well. Though they do not help in working with heavy software or complex programs, but they are enough to start your computer and run the basic programs. Once started, the computer should be updated and then it would function normally.

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