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Net Neutrality

Posted by admin in Uncategorized On May 22, 2015

So by now it’s quite clear to everyone around what is “net neutrality”, but for those who don’t know about it yet here it is.

Net neutrality is nothing but in simple words, all contents on internet are equal and must be equal to everyone irrespective of anything. No matter what telecom operator you choose, you should be able to access to all information on internet at exact same speed. That means no operator can force you to use one particular app or website by “maybe” making other websites load slower than the one for which “maybe” the telecom company was paid a “little something”  and hence eliminating the competition or let’s just say never allowing any competition to form. After all something worse than no internet is slow internet. Now net neutrality Sounds so good right? So good to be true? Well that’s what it is all about and is therefore accepted in many countries like USA, Chile, Netherlands, Brazil. So where is India?

If you are amongst those few people who love their telecom operators, here is something that can push you over the edge. Our telecom operators are totally against net neutrality. But Why?? Simple answer.. MONEY.

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) report, Telecom operators raise their revenues solely from the increased data usage of internet connected customers for various application, henceforth apps. They don’t earn a single penny for carriage or bandwidth which these apps use to get customers and provide their services. But wait… these operators didn’t make the app or website right?! So why do they need the cut in money?

That’s not it.. these telecom providers do make money.. for instance for the first nine months of the current financial year, Airtel’s revenue from data usage has increased every single quarter and shows no signs of slowing down.

Let us cut to the chase, Why do we need net neutrality as Indian citizen?

Because its our RIGHT to use the internet as we have been for the last 20 years.

After all Internet is a UTILITY not a LUXURY. If India is to progress with these above mentioned countries net neutrality is a must or else lying in corruption is the only option left.

As a citizen of our democratic country it’s our right to demand for net neutrality and should be against those money snorting machines (of course it refers to our dear network providers).

Thank You for reading this article and going through it.




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