computer education in India-for underprivilegedIn the present day with the world taking large steps towards digitizing itself, there is a huge divide between those who have access to the digital world and those who do not. These gaps may be closing down with the rise in the sales of computers, laptops and other digital mediums, but due to the expensive nature of these gadgets only a small population gain access to using them.

A simple personal computer or laptop with very basic specifications is nothing short of a boon to the college and school going population.With the help of a laptop the student can gain access to a plethora of websites on the internet that could provide in-depth information upon a certain topic he/she wants to gain some knowledge about.

This is just one of the many benefits of owning a PC or a Laptop. Just owning one can help the student overcome a bigger share of his difficulties. The PC with all of its programs loaded on it can help a student create anything from a simple presentation for his/her homework to a complete article with attractive pictures and information on it. All of this by merely using a computer effectively for a couple of hours.

In his book “Mindstorms” author Seymour Papert says: “I believe that the computer as a writing instrument offers children an opportunity to become more like adults, indeed like advanced professionals, in their relationships to other intellectual products and to themselves.”

When parents are constantly worried about the progress of their children, they are particularly concerned about the prospects their children will have in the future. A personal computer can re-assure one that it will help their children have better prospects with regard to finding out newer career options, extra course knowledge, and available jobs and so on.

While the schools with computers provide invaluable knowledge on how to use a personal computer, most of the students are unable to practice what they learn back at home because they do not own one. What institutions had been unable to do for years in terms of building opportunities for children, any person with a computer could.

There is a rising demand for personal computers and laptops as more students are understanding the many benefits of owning one. This has created a whole wave of technologically proficient youngsters. Even then most of the students still need to go to a computer centre to use one.

A PC at home can put an end to those quick visits to the cyber cafe or internet booth where one gets charged by the minute for accessing the internet/putting together a project/or merely sending a mail to someone. When having a personal computer ensures that you could do all this by JUST SITTING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE WHILE BEING AT HOME!

But why does every student in our country not have access to a computer or own one when it could be helping them?The answer to this question lies in the affordability of a PC or LAPTOP. A computer or a laptop with good technical specification may be too expensive for a lot of people. In fact, even a basic computer with very modest technical specifications can be out of reach to a huge chunk of people.

With this increasing demand of laptops and computers for students/parents who want to own a PC, companies like “ReNew IT” offer the same at affordable prices. The refurbishing industry aims at providing each and every household with a functioning computer or a laptop tailored to meet their specific needs.

As of now, any well established firm looks for a firm digital knowledge as a foundation while hiring new recruits. With a computer at home, it ensures your child has all the preparation and proficiency when it comes to operating one. In fact, practice on the PC can lead to a better understanding of a lot of programs like MS Office, Photo Editor, and Internet Explorer etc.  A lot of material on different topics as well as online lectures and tutorials for students are available on websites. A computer also aids in informal education.

This is an invaluable skill looked for by most of the employers today. Computer knowledge also turns the students into a workforce of higher productivity, because it is the output of multiple people versus what a single person armed with a computer can do.

Listing out some of the many benefits of owning a Personal Computer:

  • It lets you explore ideas and concepts in depth, by letting one use a multimedia CD or DVD or any other information source with the help of interactive exercises.
  • It enables the student to see pictures and diagrams, hear experts talking, analyse data and in turn solve problems.
  •  Online forums help the student interact with fellow students, get ideas that would have never crossed their minds, engage them in discussions that could provide them with newer opportunities and make their knowledge indispensable.
  • It can also provide a practical approach to the learning curve as it enables your child to explore the ideas a subject offers in a different manner. With the student being involved in the research, this ensures there is additional knowledge being imparted on the subject.

Even though we tend to look at a PC or a Laptop as a luxury of sorts, it is actually something of crucial need to the students as it helps them with their projects, documents and research handed out by their institution. A computer is useful to students because it opens up an entire world of information at the click of a mouse.

And with companies like “ReNew IT” in the market, the time is coming near when every household will have a personal computer or a laptop which is affordable and is transforming millions of young lives across India!

Come join us to make our dream a reality!


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