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Computer Usage in India- The Gaps And Growth

Posted by admin in Uncategorized On June 19, 2014

Computer Usage in India

Since the last few years computer usage in India has been one of the latest and the most popular developments. In fact, individuals from both the rural and urban levels of the society have been thoroughly benefitted from the best and most viable computer adoption solutions in India.

In the last decade, about 6.7% homes in urban India have opted either for personal computer or any other similar equipment. In rural area the rate is relatively low, being only a mere 2.5%. However, throughout the last many years the lucrative schemes offered by the computer giants have played an extremely significant role for computer usage in India.

However, besides the immense growth, there has also been a considerable gap in the adoption of computers in rural areas. Certain groups of individuals from the urban areas too are deprived of computer education due to a few reasons. These trends of growth and gap of computer usage in India are elucidated below.

Why are computers popular in India?

Computer usage in India has been extremely commendable and popular due to the easy rates offered by the computer manufacturing companies. In fact, these companies had lowered down the rate of computers to an extremely remarkable extent. It is due to this reason why the computer adoption has been extremely popular in India.

In fact, most of the urban areas have availed the most commendable and prolific benefits from computer adoption. Thus, most cities in India now have proper computer literacy. Apart from this, the streets are dotted with cyber cafes. All in all, computer has turned out to be a part and parcel of the urban city goers.

Rural India has also experienced quite a remarkable growth in computer adoption. Even though the rate of computer adoption in these areas are quite low compared to the cities; yet, certain schools in the rural areas have been thoroughly benefitted with proper computer adoption.

In fact, computer adoption offers the best solutions for communication, easy data storage and also e learning. So, throughout the last few years the comparatively low rates of computers have fostered the moderate growth of computer adoption in both rural and urban areas.

Computer usage in India – What are the gaps ?

One of the major gaps of computer usage in India, is rural areas is simply the lack of computer literacy. In fact, most rural areas and also a few urban areas have thoroughly suffered due to the lack of proper literacy. Due to this reason, many individuals do not buy computers even if they have the money power to do so.

Apart from that, another major issue has been the cost of computers. The cost of computers has been reduced to an extremely viable and commendable extent.More over quality refurbished computers,used laptops and second hand laptops are available in India.   However, there are still many homes which cannot afford these PC’s. Due to this reason, the computer manufacturing units should reduce the rates of computers so that it turns out to be accessible for one and all.

Nowadays, various NGOs have come up to facilitate computer education and foster the growth of computer usage in India. Many of them have been extremely successful in their endeavours as well. So, even though certain regions of India currently have a dismal figure in computer adoption, with these Non Governmental Organizations the situation will definitely improve in the long run.

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