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Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?

Posted by admin in Computers for Education On July 29, 2014

Computer education in India has turned out to be  accepted tremendously with the advancement in technological know-how . High computer penetration in the country is indeed one of the most remarkable changes, since the last few years. Urban areas and cities already have high computer penetration and with the increasing competition in the job markets and the constant changes in the educational system, the rural areas too are bucking up on their computer penetration levels.

Both in urban and rural areas computer penetration, is absolutely essential for the underprivileged youth. This helps them to secure better and higher paying jobs in the long run. Currently, many NGOs are working towards the computer education for the underprivileged youth. Read along to know, how computer adoption can help these socially challenged youth.

Computer education in India  – Current Scenario

From illiteracy to e-literacy

 Yes! This is the main motto of the NGOs who plan to propagate computer education for the challenged sections of the society. They aim to provide laptops and computers to the various schools in slums. This in turn will quench the knowledge thirst of all those kids who wish to delve into the intricacies of education. Many kids in these slum schools are talented and intelligent, yet, they do not get to improvise their intelligence due to the lack of resources.

Certain NGOs in India, have realized this problem and thus they have now taken an initiative to educate the young kids who do not have ample resources. They aim to provide low cost computers and laptops to these marginalized youth, which in turn will help them grasp a better idea about their subjects. They will get to know better about the world and the society around them. These NGOs have realized that knowledge is the ultimate power and have thus planned to propagate knowledge with the aid of free laptops and computers. This is done with the aim of making the illiterate and marginalized youth to e-literate kids who will eventually grow up as knowledgeable adults.

The direct and catalytic methods of computer education

The direct method of computer education is simply by providing the slum schools a large number of free computers and laptops. It also involves monitoring the kids in these schools. On the other hand, the catalytic method is, by improvising the computer labs of the schools. Very often, the computer labs contain the necessary hardware, but due to the lack of maintenance they turn out to be obsolete. In this regard proper education should be imparted where both the teachers are students are taught how to operate this necessary hardware in the computer lab. Initiatives are being taken by the NGOs to propagate both the direct and catalytic method for the marginalized sections of youth.

How does computer education help?

Computer education not only helps the kids to know better about the world. But, it is also absolutely essential in helping them to secure better jobs in the long run. Thus, in this world of competition, the marginalized youth can easily enjoy the same standards of education as the popular private schools, if they have access to computer education.

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