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An inside view to CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to

Digital India

Across the length and breadth of this country, India faces many challenges. But when tackled with innovation that leverages the power of technology, it can help create a transformed and digitally empowered India. We

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint-The Computing Way!

Reducing the carbon footprints becomes absolutely essential for every responsible citizen. This will not only let you enjoy a greener and better environment, but will also buck up the lifespan of your PC. So,

Computer for everyone – Need of every economy.

The relationship between technology and economy has been a subject of debate for centuries. In the earlier times, technology was only the domain of upper class intellectuals. The access to technological advancements was restricted

Role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation.

Poverty has been a firm and importunate problem in India, all the way through the independence to decades after that.Role of NGO, especially in a country like India, is very crucial. In fact, according

PC Penetration in India – Why lagging behind?

Throughout the last few years, rural India witnessed many extraordinary changes. PC penetration is one such welcome addition which actually improved the lives and the lifestyle of many rural inhabitants. In fact, a series

Used Computers – How NGOs benefit from it?

Throughout the last few years, used computers have played an extremely vital role for the NGOs across the world. These computers are not only handy, but are also extremely purposeful for propagating the various