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How Budget Computers are Transforming Education in India?

Posted by admin in Budget Computers for Education On May 8, 2014

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Computers have transformed every aspect of our lived reality. There’s not one sector or industry today that is not reaping the benefits of the integration of computers into their basic functions and systems of operation. What shall be of concern in this article, however, is how budget computers are transforming education in India. Far from merely remaining a tool for empowering students, ‘computer education’ in itself has become an important discipline in schools and colleges in India thereby giving evidence of its paramount significance. Every student today requires a basic understanding of the computer and its applicability in his own field.

Budget Computers are Transforming Education in India

Impact on distance education

Distance education is usually preferred by students who either cannot afford the costs of direct university education or are too busy to attend classes on a regular basis. Computers have a given a tremendous impetus to the success of distance learning among students all across the country. With the use of PDFs, Word document files and Powerpoint presentations, one can easily gain access to course information that has been structured and tailored for the proper understanding of students even if they are not physically present in a university classroom. It is not only cost-effective but also saves a great deal of time for both the student and the teacher. Students can also remain in constant correspondence with the teacher through emails and pose their questions and queries to him whenever they need to.

Impact on environment

The virtual existence of almost every book that has been penned till date ensures one thing in particular – the conservation of tress. Before the advent of e-book and PDF versions of texts, the demand for paper was witnessing an unprecedented high. The rate at which mankind was perpetuating deforestation for the purposes of dissemination and circulation of books threatened the ecological balance of the environment. Now, however, there is an equal, if not more, demand for electronic versions of books, articles and journals due to their benefits of increased portability, low cost and quick circulation. While traditional book lovers often lament the lack of physical palpability in e-books, they cannot ignore the highly pragmatic aspects of using e-books.

Impact on NGOs

NGOs in India owe much of their success in promoting education among deprived and marginalized children in India. Without budget computers, these organizations would have been rendered grossly incompetent in meeting the needs of such children. Computer-aided education has not only made possible the realization of many erstwhile child welfare initiatives but it is also shaping new initiatives that are still in the pipeline. States like Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh etc have benefitted greatly from the works of NGOs and this is evident in their higher literacy rates after the successful implementation of computer-aided programs.

Impact on small businesses

Small businesses are not only founded on a low capital structure but also operate within the same. Buying budget computers in bulk help them get discounts and keep initial costs to a minimum. This encourages a lot of budding entrepreneurs to enter into business and not be bogged down by the unavailability of a sizable capital. Computers also ensure a smaller staff and lesser costs incurred in paying wages.

Impact in low income families

While computers were once considered to be a luxury electronic product, they have now become a common household item. However, this is not to say that every family in India can afford a computer for their child. In fact, given the market prices of a new, high-performance computer, the costs are still beyond the reach of lower middle class families who are still grappling with the basic amenities of human life. Budget computers and their low interest monthly installment schemes go a long way in fulfilling the dream of every modern household of owing a computer.

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