A crucial tool that aids knowledge, personal computers and laptops are being purchased with affordability and technical specifications being the concern. How is the method of refurbishment our next big solution?

A large percentage of the still urbanizing population of India considers the computer as a wonder device. This aspect of the computer has led to its popularity amongst the general working class of the society as something expensive.

A personal computer with the most basic specifications is still out of the reach of the common man, and it is not present at his/her home owing to the fact that it is considered expensive or the peripherals are not easily available. With a recent surge in the digital education i.e. people learning how to operate a PC/a laptop or learning how to access the internet has created a whole market place for buying a PC.

This marketplace exists, but is still out of the reach for many who lose out because of the ‘affordability’ factor. This affordability issue is not because of cash crunch, rather everyone wants to own a PC with superior specifications. And a new PC with top of the range specs can be a little uneconomical to a school or college going student or his/her parents.

Usually, a student would look for a greater processing ability in a computer or laptop he/she would want to own, but since the prices of buying or assembling one with this higher specifications is going to cost more and eats into the funds students save, they forego their desire and end up settling for a computer with moderate specifications at a price that is more appropriate to their budget.

From a more recent study conducted by Dell India which was published on The Huffington Post it has been learnt that:

‘Young India prefers specs over brand name’-

71 percent of the young workforce (Indians aged between 24 to 35 years) said that they considered sturdy technical specs as a foremost priority. For a majority of them, choosing between a branded device and an affordable device was the biggest pain

‘PCs are an invaluable tool to extra coursework’-

72 percent students stated that they used their PC to learn beyond what is taught in the classroom.

 ’30 percent people who regularly use a PC, don’t own a PC’-

Of the owners, 93 percent said that their go-to device was a laptop or a desktop. User respondents consider it more important to own a PC at home.

 ‘From cradle to PC’-

Nearly 69 percent of India’s young workforce was introduced to a PC when they were aged 15 years or younger. According to the study, 53 percent Indian parents are introducing their children to a PC at a young age of 5 to 10 years.

‘Students in Tier 4 cities see a PC as an educational tool’-

Students in smaller towns are relatively serious about computing. Almost 78 percent students in Tier-4 consider it important to use PCs to manage their classwork and only 57 percent used PCs for gaming and entertainment.

  With all the information we have received it has come to our understanding that the younger India has certain select requirements that it looks for in a Personal Computer or a Laptop they intend to purchase. But with the concurrent trends, and availability of ‘refurbished computers’ the dilemma of a cash crunch and budget while looking for higher specifications can be avoided.

This digitally enabled generation is going ahead and fulfilling their dreams and growing requirements of PC’s and Laptops by purchasing ‘refurbished’ electronics.

Retailers on the refurbished goods market like “ReNew IT’ are offering and making affordable computers available to everyone by their unique method of refurbishing. This being an environmentally friendly method, helps keep the e-waste at bay, and makes the re-usable computers available to anyone and everyone who needs one AT A HIGHLY ECONOMICAL PRICE!

Having the e-commerce industry expected to turn into a $130 billion market by the year 2025 and maintaining a rate of return of the commerce at about 15 per cent means that the refurbished goods market that is running parallel to the online commerce industry and will have a flourishing future.

With sales of refurbished electronics by companies like “ReNew IT”, Personal Computers and Laptops being a major segment of this industry, the options that cash strapped students and concerned parents will have in order to purchase one will be many!

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