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Why computer education in India is important for the marginalized youth?

Computer education in India has turned out to be  accepted tremendously with the advancement in technological know-how . High computer penetration in the country is indeed one of the most remarkable changes, since the last

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint-The Computing Way!

Reducing the carbon footprints becomes absolutely essential for every responsible citizen. This will not only let you enjoy a greener and better environment, but will also buck up the lifespan of your PC. So,

Used laptops in Bangalore Vs other cities

Used laptops in Bangalore are quite easily available. Being the IT hub of the country, Bangalore is home to maximum number of IT companies and other related organizations. Needless to say, these organizations house

Second hand Laptops in Mumbai -Things to look for while buying

When you are living in financial capital of India and looking for a second hand laptop, you are likely to encounter no difficulties at all in finding one that fits your budget and meets

Computer for everyone – Need of every economy.

The relationship between technology and economy has been a subject of debate for centuries. In the earlier times, technology was only the domain of upper class intellectuals. The access to technological advancements was restricted

Use Second Hand Laptops To Reduce Cost And E-Waste

While the erstwhile broader distinctions between original computers and used second hand computers are diminishing by the day, one wonders how such a thing has come about. Used computers are quite a revelation in