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Role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation.

Poverty has been a firm and importunate problem in India, all the way through the independence to decades after that.Role of NGO, especially in a country like India, is very crucial. In fact, according

PC Penetration in India – Why lagging behind?

Throughout the last few years, rural India witnessed many extraordinary changes. PC penetration is one such welcome addition which actually improved the lives and the lifestyle of many rural inhabitants. In fact, a series

Computer Usage in India- The Gaps And Growth

Since the last few years computer usage in India has been one of the latest and the most popular developments. In fact, individuals from both the rural and urban levels of the society have

Refurbished Laptops And Second Hand Laptops.

Refurbished laptops are extensively being accepted in India and gaining momentum among multiple groups. This is probably due to the reasonably priced rates, easy accessibility and long term warranty of these laptops. Now, many

Second Hand Laptops – How To Buy it?

Second Hand Laptops have become inevitability, for quite a number of sensible reasons. Every household wants to own a laptop because of the number of users and uses it has. Second hand laptops are

Refurbished Computers – DIY Guide?

Refurbished computers are older used computer components that have undergone a evaluation and quality check which will make them fully functional. Do you have a computer which does not work and just sits as a

One Laptop Per Child

Being a leading provider of used laptops in Bangalore, we believe that every child in this country should have access to a laptop to support their learning. As an organization we facilitate NGO’s with

Used Computers – How NGOs benefit from it?

Throughout the last few years, used computers have played an extremely vital role for the NGOs across the world. These computers are not only handy, but are also extremely purposeful for propagating the various